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Genesis xtranol-24organic juice resveratrol drink
Nutrition Information

100% Juice standardized by Symmetry's proprietary PhytoPure technology, ensuring a consistent high quality nutritional benefit for you every day. 

The potent antioxidant Resveratrol equivalent to many bottles of red wine, without the alcohol, also includes the stable food form of Ellagic acid. 

Potent plant antioxidants polyphenolic anthropalexins the most equivalent to the juice in one medium sized pomegranate. 

Herbal Infusion of: Aloe vera, olive leaf, fig extracts, red grape skin and grape seed extracts, barley grass, cinnamon bark, coriander leaf and seed, cucumber, garlic bulb, juniper berry, leek, lentil, mulberry fruit, onion bulb, sweet almond, and wheat grass

Nutrition including: Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace minerals, phytonutrients, carotenoids, cruciferous nutrients.

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Genesis symmetry xyngular white bottle

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Genesis Juice
32 Ounce Bottle

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Genesis 4-Pack
4 Bottles $37.50 each
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Genesis Capsules
30 capsules per Bottle

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Genesis 4-Pack
4 Bottles $37.50 each
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Research Quotes
about Resveratrol
and Ellagic Acid

"Promotes healthy hearts and reduces cardiovascular disease."
- Ohio State University

"cuts risk of Prostate Cancer ... cuts risk of Breast Cancer"
- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center & European Journal of Cancer Prevention

"slows down heart muscles damage ... and reduces blood pressure"
 - Lipid Research Laboratory

"Promotes weight loss by reducing fat cells."
- Oregon State University & University of Ottawa

"Prevented influenza virus from duplicating."
- Journal of Infectious Disease


reseveratrol molecule in genesisSome Benefits Associated
with the Miracle-Molecules
Resveratrol & Ellagic Acid

• Supports Anti Aging
• Helps support healthy blood pressure
• Promotes healthy heart pressure
• Supports healthy Cholesterol levels
• Supports Good Cholesterol levels
• Supports body's inhibition of blood clots
• Helps support blood flow to the brain
• Helps with healthy oxygen levels to Brain and Heart
• Supports healthy red blood cells
• Supports Aptosis (death of Cancer cells)
• Helps in body's protection of cells from free radical damage
• Supports lower PSA levels in males associated with Prostate Cancer
• Helps promote better Sleep
• Supports younger looking Skin
• Helps support inhibition of Inflammation
• Supports fat-burning within the cells
• Helps healthy Blood Sugar associated with Diabetes
• Helps body cleanse brain tissue of the amyloid plaque related to Alzheimer’s
• Supports hormone, gene and enzyme modulation
• Helps body's natural dealing with Acid Reflux
• Supports body dealing with Ulcers
• Health support for organs like Liver and Kidneys
• Supports Anti-bacterial & Anti-Fungal action of the body
• Helps support body's natural protection against the Flu virus

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Resveratrol in the News

            New York Times
“…very large daily doses of resveratrol could offset the unhealthy, high calories diets thought to underlie the rising toll of obesity in the United States and elsewhere…”

       The Wall Street Journal
“…The results boost hopes that resveratrol, or drugs like it, may eventually be able to ameliorate many diseases of aging, and possibly to extend human life…”

              USA Today
" ... resveratrol doses lead to better health and endurance..."

Customer Testimonials and Comments

symmetry genesis-x-24 bottle of health berbal formula Internet web local storeDr. Lewis Wright, MD
"I can truly say that the quality of the Symmetry nutritional products has enhanced my health and, most importantly, allowed me to improve the quality of health of the many patients that I serve. These high quality nutritional supplements help us reach the level of optimal good health, while providing us with a defense system to offset and protect us against the multitude of pollutants that we are exposed to every day. In addition, Symmetry products are safe and can be used by people of all ages. I find that they are an essential part of any health preventive program." (Results may vary from person to person.)

customer testimonial for Genesis-x24 symmetryBeth Schupanitz
Plymouth, Minnesota

"I've been taking Genesis, and it truly helped my health out tremendously. I had allergies, the flu and colds at least 3 to 4 times a year, and my energy level wasn't where it should have been. I would get tired easily and required about nine to ten hours of sleep to feel rested. Since using Genesis for the past two years, I've only had one tiny cold and my allergies are basically non-existent. Also, my energy level is up and I can survive on 7-8 hours of sleep now. I will continue to take Symmetry Genesis for the rest of my life." (Results may vary from person to person.)

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Testimonials and Comments on Genesis drink by Symmetry



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red wine resveratrol symmetry genesis juice drink

1 ounce of Genesis
has the same amount of Resveratrol
as 1 bottle of Red Wine

   1 bottle of GENESIS with 32 ounces costs $39.99 or less 
To get the same RESVERATROL in GENESIS you need to buy

32 bottles of Red Wine at $10 a bottle would cost $320.00 

If you use 1 ounce of Symmetry Xyngular Genesis
X'tranol-24 a day then someone else would have to drink 1 bottle a day of Red Wine to get the same amount of  Resveratrol as you were getting with the Genesis that costs you about $1 a day and the Red Wine cost them about $100 a day. And drinking a bottle of Red Wine a day would be too much alcohol and damage their liver. And Genesis has more than just Resveratrol ... it also has: ellagic acid, polyphenols  and phyto-pure herbal blends of 19 Biblical herbs to help your body's daily stress of life and restores itself effectively and mitigate the harmful effects of aging. Genesis drink an inexpensive way of being healthy and protected 24 hours a day from daily barrage of toxins from food, water and air pollution, and stress.


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Compare Genesis with other Juice Drinks
like MonaVie, Noni, Goji, Xango, Limu, Sea Silver, Vibe Orac comparison Symmetry Genesis-xtranol-24

juice compare chart genesis monavie noni goji xango limu

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Protection 4 Life with Genesis Health System
Complete daily mega-nutrition support for your entire body ... feel stronger and healthier
Protection 4 Life Genesis X24 UV Caplets health system symmetry
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For Your Daily Health these 4 Formulas:
  • Genesis - a delicious juice drink with 24 hour antioxidant protection along with the complete benefits of resveratrol, ellagitannins, healing herbs, and more!
  • UltraVitality NutraPack - a unique blend of life's most essential vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that delivers daily energy and nutrition in an easily digestible form. 
  • MegaJuice Anti-oxidant - a powerful blend that provides important plant-derived phytonutrients and antioxidants, equivalent to 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Advanced Omega - provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in the most effective ratios to support the health of your caardiovascular, circulatory, and body systems.


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 Genesis with X'tranol-24
 Ingredients and Supplement Facts
Ingredients are on the FDA approved "generally recognized as safe" list.

Genesis Juice

Suggested Use: 1 to 4 ounces a day

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 Tablespoons (1fl. oz. or 30 mL)
Servings per Container: 32 fl. oz.

Amount Per Serving 

% Daily Value

  *Daily value not established

Calories 15  
Total Carbohydrate (based on 2,000 calorie diet) 4 g 2%
Sugars 4 g *

Vitamin C

15 mg 25%

PhytoPure 100% Juice Blend
with Genesis  Herbal Infusion
Apple juice reconstituted, X'tranol-24 [Hi Orac Red Wine Extract, Super Orac melon extract, resveratrol], whole fruit grape extract, aloe vera juice (reconstituted), whole fruit pomegranate extract, infused with barley grass, cinnamon bark, coriander leaf, coriander seed, cucumber, fig fruit, garlic bulb, juniper berry, leek, lentil, mulberry fruit, olive leaf, onion bulb, sweet almond and wheat grass

30 g *


Genesis Capsules

Suggested Use: 1 capsule

genesis capsules ingredients


Resveratrol - Over 50,000 scientific research studies prove the health and longevity (long life) benefits of this miracle molecule. The Genesis drink has a standardized amount of resveratrol in every bottle equal to 32 bottles of red wine. Resveratrol is considered as the number one break-thru since the discovery of antibiotics.

Pomegranate - with Ellagitannins that are the primary health promoting miracle molecule in pomegranates. Over 8,000 worldwide scientific studies have proven the health benefits of ellagic acid. Each bottle of Genesis juice drink contains more then 32  pomegranates.

Xtranol-24 - is a triple patented formula that delivers ALL the benefits of red wine without the alcohol, plus 24 hour continuous primary antioxidant protection of enteric coated Glutathione and SOD to ensue optimal health and well being. No other product on Earth offers this potent patented combination of nutrients.

organic genisis Better than Organic - Just because a farmer does not use a pesticide does not mean that his produce is pesticide free. It is not uncommon to find that certified organic foods have medium to high levels of pesticides when tested. The pesticides did not come from the farmer but from miles away, from a non-organic farm traveling by rain water, ground water, or other ways. Because of this we test everything. It does not matter if it is certified organic or not. We test everything for herbicides, pesticides, and other pollutants including heavy metals and bacteria. If we find anything, it is rejected to guarantee the potency, purity, consistency, and quality.

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Dr. Mark Crapo talks about Symmetry Product Quality

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