IrishCycle.com is an independent news and analysis source covering the resurgence of cycling in Ireland.

This website is often first with news on cycling-related law changes, cycle route projects, bicycle sharing, road safety issues, bicycle parking and security, and where different levels of government has failed to implement their own policy. Our analysis looks at the detail of what has gone wrong or what can be done to stop repeating failures.

IrishCycle.com is edited by freelance journalist Cian Ginty, who has had work published in nearly every national newspaper in the Republic of Ireland. When most media outlets can only scratch the surface on cycling, our goal is to use our journalistic backing to give the issue the space and detail needed.


The site started in 2009 under the name Cycling in Dublin, before it was renamed to reflect a national focus. Under the Cycling in Dublin name we also published two free newspapers for National Bike Week in 2012 and 2013.

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